Pemberton church

Church Building Purchase

Pemberton Community Church has an accepted offer to purchase St. David's United Church Building and Land. Now we need to raise the money by Nov 30, 2017 Please consider what you can give to God's Church in Pemberton... Read More


Cell Phones - Donate to a Good Cause

Jane Walser works with a program called ‘Stopping the Violence Against Woman’, this program is in need of cell phones to provide to woman who are in potentially harmful situations, or risk of harm, and a cell phone... Read More

Syrian refugee crisis

Refugee Crisis Response - Designated Offering Opportunity

The question isn't if but how.  We will respond to the global refugee crisis. To start, we've opened a "desginated offering opportunity" for anyone who would like to respond financially. Anything received during one... Read More

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Our New Name.

Words are powerful things and names, especially, are very personal.  One of the reasons we recently decided to change our name is the fact that “fellowship” – the final, anchoring word in our former name – had... Read More


A question you've been wanting to ask.

“You’re a pastor?” The expression on the face asking this question is usually a blend of confusion and pain. “Yes.” Awkward pause. “You mean, like, a priest?” Sometimes instead of priest it’ll be “minister” or... Read More

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A Joyful Noise

There is no higher purpose for music, for song, than for prayer and worship. Scripture gives at least seven purposes for Christ-honoring music.  The Purpose of Worship—“And all the congregation worshipped, and the... Read More

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New Territory

One of the ways to honour our place in Stl'atl'imx territory is to learn some Ucwalmicwts. Want to give it a try? Here's the Lord's Prayer - Tsuwa7lhkálh Sqátsza7 Lámcal - translated by Marie Amhatsin' Abraham.   ... Read More

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Soup Kitchen

The goal is to bring people together to enjoy wholesome food and good company without social or financial barrier.  This is not a fund raising event. Through cooperative efforts this community program was initiated... Read More